How do I know the CoolSpeed® mini’s rotation speed?

The rotation speed depends on the pressure of the coolant, the cutting oil or the air mist. To measure the through-coolant (or oil) pressure, place the Pressure Gauge Adapter (with Pressure Gauge installed) into a sealed tool holder in the main spindle. Turn on the machine through-coolant or cutting oil pressure and read the pressure and rotation speed on the pressure gauge or when using the Bluetooth pressure gauge on the “CoolSpeed® Pressure Gauge” app.

If the coolant or cutting oil is supplied with a hose, the pressure gauge can be connected directly with a T-piece.
With CoolSpeed® mini Air, the air pressure is set via the compressed air service unit. Turn on the compressed air and adjust the pressure according to the performance diagram.
Note that the speed diagrams and the pressure gauge show the idle speed. The speed in engagement is approx. 10% lower than the idle speed, depending on the load.


Do I need a high pressure system to run the CoolSpeed® mini?

It is not strictly necessary to have a high pressure system to run the CoolSpeed® mini. However, a high pressure system will offer the opportunity to utilize the maximum speed and power available. The CoolSpeed® mini can operate between 150 psi and 870 psi of coolant/oil pressure. Care should be taken to ensure that the necessary volume flow is achieved by the pump.
Most machines with a 150-2000 psi coolant pump will work with CoolSpeed® due to pressure drop at the spindle. We also have CoolSpeed® mini air series for machines that don’t have coolant or enough pressure/flow rate.


What is the maximum drill size that may be used with the CoolSpeed® mini?

The material and drill specifications are critical to the determination of maximum drill size, with cutting speed (SFM) being the most common limitation. Due to the use in mainly micro machining applications, the typical drill diameter is max. 2 mm.


The feed rate in drilling applications is extremely important and should be optimized according to machine and tool parameters.


Is it possible to re-use the bearings or turbine when replacing the cutting tool?

No. If attempting to re-use bearings or turbine, it may lead to poor machining results and tool breakage.


Is the CoolSpeed® mini damaged during a crash?

No. Normally, the CoolSpeed® mini in not affected by a crash. The tool and bearings will be damaged, so installing a new cutting tool with new bearings and turbine will restore performance.


Do I need a Pressure Gauge?  Why can’t I just use the one on my machine?

The rotation speed is a function of the coolant/oil pressure at the CoolSpeed® unit while in operation. The machine’s pressure gauge is typically installed near the coolant pump and cannot account for the pressure drop throughout the machine. Using the reading on this gauge would give an inaccurate estimate of the pressure flowing through the CoolSpeed® mini, leading to incorrect tool rpm calculations.


Do I need a different CoolSpeed® mini housing for each tool shank/bearing size?

No. Every CoolSpeed® mini housing supports any of the offered Replacement kits and the operator may change between tools of different sizes as needed with the CoolSpeed® mini housing still installed in the tool holder.


What is the minimum filtration requirement for the CoolSpeed® mini?

The filtration system installed on the machine will be sufficient for the CoolSpeed® mini. It is recommended to clean the filters according to the maintenance procedures and intervals of the machine manufacturer. A decrease in coolant pressure due to clogged filters will negatively affect the CoolSpeed® mini’s performance.


What are the differences between the CoolSpeed® mini and Flex series?

The CoolSpeed® Flex series is a new spindle series specifically designed for Swiss type lathes. The CoolSpeed® Flex series introduces adjustable jets on the spindle. This allows the user to maximize the performance of their machine’s coolant pump, greatly increasing the range of CoolSpeed® compatible machines. CoolSpeed® Flex spindles can be easily installed in most Swiss Type and Milling machines with a variety of mounting sizes including ¾″, 20 mm, 22 mm, and 25 mm. There are two coolant/oil ports including the mounting shank and side port. This allows for more coolant plumbing options on the same spindle.

Setting up CoolSpeed® has never been easier by using the Bluetooth pressure gauge to easily measure rotation speed, coolant pressure, flow rate and power of the high-speed spindle in real time with the „CoolSpeed® Pressure Gauge” App.


Why is it possible to adjust the number of jets on the CoolSpeed® Flex series?

Many devices requiring coolant are often in use at the same time on Swiss lathes. This can result in the coolant pump not being able to provide enough coolant for all devices. In order to adjust CoolSpeed® Flex to the pump output, it is possible to change the number of jets and still achieve the right pressure and thus the right speed for your application.


Are all the bearing sizes universal or do I need a specific model spindle?

All the CoolSpeed® replacement bearing kits including 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 1/8″ and 3/16″ are universally compatible with every CoolSpeed® spindle model whether it is in the CoolSpeed® mini, CoolSpeed® mini Air, or CoolSpeed® Flex series spindle family.


Why does WTO have a Bluetooth manometer?

With the Bluetooth manometer you can measure the pressure very close to the CoolSpeed® spindle and at the same time observe the results. The Bluetooth pressure gauge can be mounted in the machine's work area or in an area that can’t be seen during machining.

With the Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone or tablet, setting up CoolSpeed® has never been easier. You can display the coolant pressure, the coolant flow and the performance of the high-speed spindle used in real time via the “CoolSpeed® Pressure Gauge” app.


Can the CoolSpeed® Flex series spindle be installed in a hydraulic chuck?

Yes, the CoolSpeed® Flex spindles are designed to be universally compatible with both mills and lathes with different mounting options available. We have many customers using the CoolSpeed® Flex series in hydraulic chucks.